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Why a Water Challenge for a $25 Nike Gift Card?

We're starting with the basics. The basics consists of starting where you are and maybe that is just drinking enough water that your body needs. This is a challenge you can absolutely succeed at! And I bet it will push you to continue to get more and more results!

Why a 21 day Water Challenge

It takes just 21 days to form a new habit that will help push you towards consistency and rid of bad habits. In less than a month you can form a new habit that will help propel you toward your overall goal. Whether your goal is weight loss, muscle building, or just a healthy lifestyle, drinking water consistently is crucial to your body. 




How much water do you think I drank this day? A gallon and a half because I worked out twice that day. 

I have personally witnessed my body transform because of water intake. Our body is filled with more than 60% of water. As you may know already, I have a competed in bodybuilding and transformed my body in more ways than I imagined. The key to my journey was not only the food but I had to be consistent with my water in take. 



When I did not drink enough water I had very apparent effects.

- My skin had skin discoloration(light spots)




 When I was consistent with water intake by drinking a gallon of water everyday while working out I saw these effects:

- Skin Glow and discoloration went away

- Constant bowel movement

- Less water retention

- No headaches


Things to keep in mind! 

Everyone's body is different and this is extremely important to know. Half a gallon (64 oz) to 1 gallon(128oz) is normally the recommend intake. Depending on your activity level and the weather will help you determine what your intake should be. 

Its important to consult with your doctor before starting any new diet or exercise program. 

Challenge yourself for just 21 days of consistency!!!

How it works:⁠

🏁 https://linktr.ee/nowme.women Click the link to register!

🏁 Post to your instagram story/timeline a picture of your water bottle or jug and tag @nowme.women so we can see you drinking your 64 oz to gallon of water⁠

🏁Join the live on June 22nd to see if you won the $25 Nike Gift Card (2 Winners)⁠

Winner Requirements : Must post(or add to story) a photo of water bottle/jug for 21 days(accountability) and tag @nowme.women on instagram! If the name drawn did not post we will choose another candidate.⁠


 Its awesome thing to have social media and I often time use it as a way to hold myself and others accountable ! Those who sign up will be held accountable everyday ! Lets Get it ! 

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