Khaleah "Lee" Wallace

 NOWME founder, Lee Wallace is a traveling, certified personal trainer and designer. In August 2017 she decided to stop going back and forth with being "Fit". She made a commitment to be better for not only herself but for those around her.
Her journey began with her focusing on her self healing during a time that was chaotic in her life. As she began to find tools and methods that helped her along the way she began to share them on her personal blog. She realized that her message was impacting and encouraging women, which motivated her as well. Lee was influenced and encouraged to take her journey to another level and try competing in the body building world. She succeeded and found a passion for " forever growing".
Lee's love for growing and lifting weights led her to learn more about the science of the body.  As a certified personal trainer, with a background in fashion, she plans to merge the two together and encourage women to live Healthy lifestyles from the inside out.